Kreativt Landskap A/S is a small professional gardendesign/landscape company with over 25 years experiance in quality landscape design, construction and maintenance. With our designs, ideas, and planning we can find the right solutions for all your landscaping needs.

We can create, rennovate and style your garden or park with good intuative design and creative solutions.Whatever the style, size or location of your property. we can design and construct a scheme to compliment and enhance the appearance of the whole property.

We have the experiance from many countries ie; England, Germany, USA, Astralia, UAE and Norway. To offer high quality comprehensive maintenance.
Some clients who are keen to improve their gardens seek advice rather than direct hands-on input.

Here we can offer a consultency service based on an hourly rate. This can be a one-off visit or a series of visits over months or even years.


Our surroundings affect almost every aspect of our behaviour. The way we think, work, rest and play. A beautiful landscape has the power to inspire employees, impress visitors and attract new customers. Thriving natural landscapes seem to go hand-in-hand with positive growing business and a flourishing home.

At Kreativt Landskap, we beleive in helping you make the most of your landscape with our quality maintenance. Giving you a long-lasting return on this important investment. With our high level of horticultural knomledge and skill, we can devise a long term strategy to maintain and enhance your garden or park.

  • Grass cutting
  • Weed control
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Watering


Our Garden design philosophy is inspiretional yet pragmatic, to create attractive and practical parks and gardens. That combine elements of good design, aesthetic appeal, practical solutions and low maintenance.

We are able to achive this because of our 25+ years experiance and dedication in the landscaping industry.

We can construct a complete new scheme from an agreed design, or just renovate and upgrade your excisting scheme. With planting that brings life to the ground layout. Consideration is always given to the aspect, soil, drainage, colour, type, height, and texture of Each plant, that must work singly and in combination with its neighbours and complement the hard landscaping.